The Balboa Pier is one of two piers located in the city of Newport Beach, Orange County, California. It is located in a part of Newport Beach called the Balboa Peninsula.

The Balboa Pier was constructed in 1906 as a sister project of the Balboa Pavilion. The Newport Bay Investment Company wanted to attract lot buyers to an undeveloped spit of sandy land now called the Balboa Peninsula. In order to do so, they built both the Balboa Pavilion and the Balboa Pier.

The Balboa Pier place is super adorable. It’s a lot soother than Newport, which tends to have a lot of business from young folk and surfers in the place. There’s also a bar outlook and plenty of businesses over there. Balboa Pier has nice food places and a generally calmer atmosphere. It certainly feels a lot cleaner and well-preserved. There are kid scene, a Fun Zone and a nice boulevard to walk. And, I feel like the view here is so much more gorgeous! Newport tends to be more crowded. Corona del Mar has sores pits and a generally more open plain beach side, which makes it harder to find your own personal isolation place.
The general vibe and atmosphere at Balboa is beautiful. The sun shines just a little more energetic; the atmosphere seems nicer and soother; and lots of little shops to check out. I certainly prefer it here to layout on the beach, grab a book, and sop up the sun.

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